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Is anyone Reilly surprised?

So The Raving Atheist has mentioned everyone's favorite Fox News personality in his last couple of daily raves. Honestly I admit it, when I flip through the channels and see his show on I often stop for a couple of minutes for a few good laughs, who doesn't?

So once again Bill is a liar and a dumbass. Read the post they're good for a laugh.


If you're up for more of a laugh at Bill's expense take a look at the flap of his new book:

...this media powerhouse and unstoppable truth-teller takes on those individuals and institutions in American life that are failing in their duties - big time. In his inimitable style, mixing wit, pugnacity, and plain common sense, O'Reilly kicks butt and takes (and also names) names - from crooked corporate weasels to venal politicans to lazy and/or politically correct bureaucrats to sexually predatory priests and the Church heirarchy that protects them to a media establishment rife with political bias and economically hooked on violence and smut. At the same time that he calls the famous and powerful to account, he dares to get personal, questioning just how much our closest friends, families, and lovers do look out for us and delivering a powerful message about personal responsibility and self-reliance in an uncertian world. He forces us to ask just how much genuine altruism is left in a society that thrives on self-indulgence and ruthless competition.
Who's looking out for you? Is a book that boldly confronts our worst fears and biggest problems in a post-9/11, post-corporate-meltdown world. Its sage, candid advice on regaining control and trust in these troubled times will resonate with the millions of readers and viewers who have come to believe in Bill O'Reilly as the man how speaks for them.
Well he's an "unstoppable truth-teller" and he "speaks for me" I'm convinced.

To continue on in the laughing at Bill spirit, I can't stand Dave Chappelle, but one of the new commericals for his show is great, he's reading "viewer mail" and one accuses the show of having a negative image of white people, chappelle asks who wrote the letter "O'Reilly?" he says he's just keeping things "Fair and Balanced" classic, I couldn't find the commercial on-line to put up... alas.

Anywho Al Franken does a great creating laughs at Bill's expense in his book, check it out, it was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud a couple of times on the plane.