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August 2003

My wheels

Well it's a sad day that I never though would come, but. I think I'm gonna sell my car. I could use the extra cash, and especially if I'm gonna be out of the country for several months. So if you're interested in a 2001 4 door Alero GLS (leather interior), lemme kno, it has average milage on it I dunno off hand.

The horrors of last night

Let me tell you all about the horrors of last night, and continuing on through the rest of the nights this week. So we normally stay at the Courtyard by Marriott here in Erie. Well a couple of weeks ago one of the ladies who works behind the desk, comes up to me and Matt (one of my co-workers) and asks if someone has talked to us about the week 2 weeks from now.

We were both unaware, so she proceeds to tell us that they hotel was overbooked on Wednesday and Thursday nights because a 'tree hugger's' convention was coming through town. So she would take care of re-booking us for that week over at the Fairfield, and give us 4000 bonus Marriott Rewards points for our trouble. We figured coolio, extra points, a little lesser quality of a hotel, but only for a week.

So yesterday we arrive at work and work through the day, but got to leave early, when they had to shut down the system for a couple of hours at 8pm. So we made our way to the Fairfield to check in, guess what no reservations, neither Matt nor I had reservations, the kid behind the desk was like are you sure it was this hotel, and he called the Residence Inn to see if we had reservations there instead... but to no avail. So we walked next door to the Homewood Suites to see if they had rooms for us. Turns out everyone had rooms for Monday, but no one in the whold god damn city of Erie has any rooms open for Wednesday or Thursday.

So we figure we'll go over to the Courtyard and let them figure out where the hell we are going to stay since it was their fuck up which ended us up homeless to begin with. We get there, and they've already had more than one person come through with the same story (side note there are about 100 people from our firm on this project, i'm sure what percentage stays in hotels vs. apartments but it's significant). So the girl behind the desk apologizes and says, the only place in town that has any rooms open in the, are you ready for this, the Econolodge. Yes that's correct the Econolodge. I've been reduced to staying at the Econolodge for the week. I work for a $12billion company, with over 100 offices in 47 countries, and I'm staying at the Econolodge.

Wait it gets worse. They only have smoking rooms available. What The Fuck! I'm afraid of catching something from walking accross the floor with out my socks on, the room is a "suite" though. I'm a bit confused about the definition of suite I guess, since it's at least 1/3 smaller than our room at the coutrtyard, which isn't considered a suite, but it does have a "whirlpool" and a hida-bed.

On the up side of things its only 3 more nights, and then back to the Courtyard. I've decided that I'm making reservations through November when I get back. And the other bonus is that the courtyard is giving us 10000 bonus points for fucking up our reservations. And I intend to contend next monday that that should be 10000 in addition to the 4000 we were supposed to get for the inconvience of moving to the Fairfield. Especially since I miss out on my regular points for the week by staying at the Econolodge.

At our weekly meeting this morning my manager was shocked when we told him where we were staying, he did a double take. The best part is that one of the clients who is working on our team, Karen, was very concerned for us. Later in the day when I was talking to her, she was telling me just how bad she felt that we had to stay in this dirty hotel. It was so sweet!

Well I'm off to a roll-off party for someone on the project who I've never met, but hey its an excuse to havea cocktail or 2 after work =)

"And now the 'other guys brake pads' Kids screamning in the back! Shut up Damnit! Truck tire! OH MY GOD I CAN'T STOP!! And there's a cliff, your family's burning alive. Here comes the meat wagon -Eee Ohh Eee Ohh. The Medic gets out OH MY GAWD, new guy's in the corner puking his guts out! All because you wanted to save a couple of bucks. To me it just doesn't make sense!"

That one's for you Scott!!

Addendum - Karen is a wonderful co-worker, but married and about the age of my parents =)

a real post

OK you heard it here first, I haven't talked to anyone (outside my co-workers) about this. I might get to go to work in Barcelona (Spain that is) starting in November, for like 6 or 7 months..... How's that for exciting news, that means I don't have to put off my European tour until next summer =)

photo updates

I added a bunch of photos today. A whole new gallery dedicated to graduation in May, there are pictures from actual ceremony (only for the (a href="">College of Business not the entire University), and the party we had the next at my parents house.

I also added some more stuff to the random photos gallery, and I'm going to create a gallery of "My Crib" not these photos are from before I moved in (one features dad) I'm going to get some more recent ones taken, but the place is entirely too much of a mess to do it right now =P so get over yourselves.

So check it out.

This week was really long for some reason, I can't quite figure it out, i didn't really work many more hours than the past several weeks. Next weekend instead of coming home I'm going to visit Carlie in St. Loius, I was planning on going to Denver in a couple more weeks, but we'll see how that works out, since Melissa will be back in Iowa by then. I can always see my pal Rupal tho.... I'm thinking I'd like to take a trip to Kansas City this summer as well, preferably while Adam is still down there for his internship, I'm sure Scott can show me a good time - probably even reccomend some good resteraunts, worthy of several golden sporks. And if i can track down Erica, that would be a blast, I haven't seen her since her wedding.

And if you're thinking about coming to Chicago, lemme know, I'm here on weekends =) and depending on how excited I am to see you I might spend some of my 5 weeks of vacation on ya (yes 5 weeks, it's tough being me)

Eegads, I need to come up with some more movie quotes, today's is the last one I've got entered...

so until later
"I'm sick and tired of sleeping with these insipid Manhattan Debutantes"

All the pitfalls, none of the benefits

Well, a 14.5hr day yesterday, good times!! As one of my co-workers said "This job has all of the pitfalls of Investment Banking but none of the benefits", huge hours, nasty commute, and poor pay. It's Great!!

No it's not really that bad, the hours can get to be a bit much, but the work is good. It's really a very important project, the first of its kind in the US, it's a technology we expect to take off and do very well in the US in its industry, there really isn't a equal substitute out there for it.

Ups and downs, and we get to hear on Monday about the changes to our overtime policy - bottom line, if you work a bunch of overtime, you're going to get paid less... But if you don't work a lot, but a bit you're probably going to come out ahead...