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All the pitfalls, none of the benefits

Well, a 14.5hr day yesterday, good times!! As one of my co-workers said "This job has all of the pitfalls of Investment Banking but none of the benefits", huge hours, nasty commute, and poor pay. It's Great!!

No it's not really that bad, the hours can get to be a bit much, but the work is good. It's really a very important project, the first of its kind in the US, it's a technology we expect to take off and do very well in the US in its industry, there really isn't a equal substitute out there for it.

Ups and downs, and we get to hear on Monday about the changes to our overtime policy - bottom line, if you work a bunch of overtime, you're going to get paid less... But if you don't work a lot, but a bit you're probably going to come out ahead...