second verse same as the first

in the beginning...

Well here it is, my very first blog entry, I'm so excited, and a bit overwhelmed! I've been meaning to sit down and actually design a website, including a bit of content, for literally years now. Fortunatly I was shown typepad by a friend and was selected to be a beta tester for the product. So what better excuse to jump in with both feet, other than this exciting new site/technology.

Anywho... as you may or may not know I recently graduated from Iowa State University with a MIS degree from the college of business. So this is it, I'm in the "real world" now, I was fortunate enough to land my dream job with a major consulting firm and recently finished my month of training. So now I'm really in the "real world", I'm at my first client site, on my first project.

I know this is an abrupt end to the first post, but, I've been up since 3AM and now it's 8, so I'm going to go check into my hotel, sit in the jaccuzzi (sp?) and go to sleep...