in my defense
"Power to the People"

"Everybody's workin' for the weekend"

OK, so maybe not everybody, but I was. Who needs a weekend anyway, this just adds 19hrs more overtime to my paycheck, so hey it's worth it. In other, happier news, Panera Bread is offering FREE Wi-Fi access at selected locations how awesome is that (now if only Erie was on the list), now if only Starbucks, McDonalts, and Borders would follow suit and kick T-Mobile to the curb, changing their Wi-Fi access to free.

Hmm, maybe I'll cancel my internet at home and just use the Panera down the street, nah I'm too much of a broadband junkie to ever do that (besides I can't download all that porn at Panera j/k!).

Gotta run, back to the grindstone.