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Well I arrived back in Iowa unharmed today. I'm home for the first time since leaving in May. I brought my car with me and I'm leaving it here for the parentals to unload (a very sad In other happier news my new camera was waiting for me when I returned to my apartment last night. It's so damn small, I can't beleive it.

I had a good time with it on the trip back to Iowa, I'll upload the pics when I get back home next weekend (I didn't bring any transfer cables with me =(. That brings me to my only annoyance with it so far, in order to connect it to your computer, or charge the battery you have to use the cradle, which is all well and good, but utterly worthless if you are traveling with it, since I'm only home on the weekends, I'll have to wait until then to re-charge the battery, so this first week will be the test, you can buy an additional battery charger, but that's $40, you should just be able bring the cable and plug it into the camera, like on my phone, grrr. My Nikon had a similar problem, it had an external battery charger, and you could buy a seperate AC adapter for the camera, but would the AC adapter for the battery charger plug into the camera and work that way, of couse not, what sense would that make!!! It amazes me when a company designes such a great product, then seems to just give up on the details. Grr....