My wheels
It was... ..."European"

"St. Louis y'all, uh, uh, Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"*

I spent the weekend in St. Louis visiting a friend, who compiled this list. So if you're ever in St. Louis you now have an itinerary all planned out for ya.... enjoy, thanx Carlie!

Top Ten Things to do while visiting St. Louis
10. take your suitcase for a walk
9. listen to Nelly music while watching all the people the seem to believe
that hey are themselves Nelly
8. Check out the "happening" bar scene
7. Observe the large amount of people who have not yet determined how to
put the registration stickers on their license plates (aka the Bernards and
6. Wander aimlessly looking for a theater that hypothetically exists after
you have purchased tickets for online
5. Eat toasted ravioli (our one local dish) since it is available every
where, including Applebee's and Pizza Hut
4. Wait in line for the lazy river
3. See a decidedly "French" movie
2. Defy death by using the roads including the 90 degree on ramp and the
bridges to the bad side of town that appear randomly in the middle of the road
1. Visit Chicago

*Post title courtsey of "E.I." by Nelly