It was... ..."European"
Return to the mothership

travel and home horror stories

So last week on Friday afternoon, Matt dropped me off at the airport so I could catch my flight back to Chicago. I had a couple of bags since I'd been away from home for a couple of weeks, so I checked both of them, and proceded through security. Let me tell you about the Erie airport, it's really really small, I mean only 3 airlines fly out of it, and there are exactly 6 or 7 gates. The largest planes that can land there are commuter jets. So anywho, I make my way through security, and to the gate about 5 minutes after we are "suppoesed" to start boarding, not that those little planes ever board on time. Side note - I've left about once on time when flying US Airways, which isn't really that big of a deal, since we usually make up the 5 or 10 minutes in the air, but annoying none the less.

So I'm chillin' waiting to walk out on the tarmac and board our little twin-prop which will take us to Pittsburgh. When the guy comes on the PA and says that we have some sort of maintanece delay, and the crew is on the way, they will update us as they learn more. So they change the board to say the flight is leaving at 2 not 1:15, which isn't that big of a deal, except that I have just under an hour lay-over in Pittsburgh, and my connecting flight is on UAL, so I don't have a boarding pass, and I need to check in there in Pittsburgh, and of course I don't know what gate... but I'm getting ahead of myself. So the maintance comes and fixes the plane up and we get to board - including some crazy chick and her 3 tiny childern, which I might add she has let chase each other all over the gate waiting area for the last 25 minutes.

The plane finally takes off, just under 45 minutes late, and the flight attendant comes on, - I will be serving a limited beverage services, blah blah blah. She rattles off 3 soft-drinks to choose from. Now I want water, is that really that much to ask? I don't really think so, do you, I mean I've already been delayed for 45 minutes in the airport, and am going to have to haul-ass all over pittsburgh airport to find my connecting flight, which will be full since it is Friday afternoon, and leaving Pittsburgh, for Chicago.

Anyway when the flight attendant comes by and asks what I want "Do you have any water?" "No." And she keeps on going. Now granted I wasn't going to get anything if she didn't have water. But the fact of the matter is I know for a fact that she did in fact have water, but was just too lazy to want to serve it. Also, would it have been too much to ask for her to be a little nicer about it, "no, sorry only these" or some shit. Bitch. Anyway... - Hey give me a break it was friday i'd put in my 60 hours, and I wanted to go home to my bed.

Well I get to Pittsburgh, and treck accross the airport to the terminal where my connecting flight usually is, since I can't check the moniters in the terminal where I get off, since I'm flying UAL not US, of course it's the wrong terminal. So I try the next one... Yea!! I get up to the counter, and of course the ladies there, are a bit traumitized that I'm just getting there, hey what do you want me to do? I can't help the fact that I just had to ride on a ghetto puddle hopper from Erie!

So I get on the already full plane, into my middle seat I might add! And we take off. As we near Chicago, the pilot tells us that we're going to land like 30 minutes early, sweetness!

So we land, and I make my way to the hell that is baggage claim at O'Hare International Airport. If you're not familair, you have to look up your flight on a set of moniters to determine which thingie your luggage's going to appear on. So I get there, and low and behold, but guess what's missing from the mointer, yep, Pittsburgh, no where to be found grr. So I duck in to the information booth to ask where my luggage is going to be, and mention that the flight isn't on the moniter, "I know" says the wonderfully helpful lady behind the counter. Apparently that is a given, I didn't get the memo that says that flights from Pittsburgh will not appear on the moniter in the baggage claim area. And apparently neither did our flight attendants, since they told us to look there, and neither did the recorded message giving instrucitons, since it said "find your flight, listed in order of originating city, to determine your baggage claim area" not "Except for Pittsburgh" but....

So off to baggage claim area number 3, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. At this point I'm not surprised, I figured since I barely made my flight what was the chances of my luggage doing the same, it would have had to go from all the way over at that US Airways terminal to the United terminal, and we just can't have that....

So the guy behind the counter says, yea fill this out, we should have it delevered tonight. Well tonight turned into tomorrow morning, so I called the 800 number, "your luggage is scheduled for delivery between 7 and 11AM" Meanwhile 1PM rolls around, I call again, "Oh, yea it got put on the wrong truck, and went to some random suburb, but it should be there by 3, if not give me a call back."

So my bags did arrive unharmed by 3, but it was a bit of a trauma none the less. Needless to say eventhough I'm probably going to end up being in Erie this weekend I packed all my stuff into one bag I carried on.

More on that home horror story later, let's just say it involves an airconditioner, ice, and a wet closet...