The End of Days
A great weekend for premium cable

I hate the Illinois nazis

So I watched "Swing Kids" today it's a great movie I encourage you to watch if if you haven't...

Seeing Swing Kids again encouraged me to re-watch "Apt Pupil" Another great WWII film - although much darker and more psychotic.

Every time I'm imersed in WWII film, television, or books I have to remind my self to remember that this is not a work of fiction, these things really happened. "Humans," did these things to other humans. It just amazes me, to this day. It kinda makes ya wonder about the whole damn human race doesn't it?

I've joked in the path about the "Hitler" Channel, since the have the tendancey to throw Hitler into the mix in just about every show on the channel, but I supposed there really can't be too much exposure to the events of WWII, we can't ever forget.

Almost makes you overlook the fact that "W" made up an excuse to go into Iraq and start a war, almost. But that brings up a good point, where do you draw the line? Damn slippery slopes anyway!