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Tough Times at University of Texas

So it was a tough night for the freshmen of the "Freshmen Diaries". One guy dropped out to move in with his girlfriend and her parents and attend community college. One girl broke up with her boyfriend, and one guy broke up with his boyfriend.

The most striking of these events for me was when Josh decides to drop out of school to move back home and live with his girlfriend and her parents. It just made me think - there was never an alternative...

to continuing on to college and getting a (at least) four year degree after high school. During college it never occured to me to drop out and go to community college, or not go to college at all. It was just never in the cards. I needed to have a four year degree. It's not like my parents ever said that I had to go to school, or whatever, but that's what high school is for, to prepare you for college. How usless is a high school degree? So far as I've always been concerned the "real world" doesn't start until after you graduate college and get a "real job." I guess that's what you get when you grow up in a little college town, where the school is the largest employer in the county, nobody is too far removed from it. That's what's expected, I mean 99% of my high school class went on to college. Most of them at ISU - although there were the occasional few who rebelled and went to U of I but a lot of them returned, and we won't even talk about the few that ventured out of the state, and what tiny percentage of them didn't come back.

I have no regrets about this manner of thinking, I'm very happy in the "business world" and see my continuing to be happy here, and there isn't any way I could have made it here with out my degree. Joke all you want about how easy the College of Business was/is, your performance in school only matters so much, your ability to regurgitate facts and information back for a test is only so useful. I take that back I'm sure you could make a career out of it if you were really good at it - like the guy in the IBM commercial "I don't think I'm just a yes man."

I guess when I think about it that way my college years - all of my school years for that matter - were a waste, I should have focused on getting an A regardless of whether or not I acutally understood the material or not. But the silver lining to that cloud is that it's never too late to change, I can still apply my new found clarity to my work, what an epiphany (completely unrealated note - I had no idea that an epiphany is also a feast on January 6th in celebration of our lord and savior Jesus Christ).

That reminds me - on Carnivale it found it quite humerous the way the carnies won over the support of the local churches to play off the carnival as a revival - at least the local Catholic Church (capital C). Pure commedy...