It's the End of the World as we Know it
up up and away

Don't sweat the small stuff.

This weekend I'm returning to Iowa (second time since leaving) it's my grandma's birthday on sunday. I'll probably be in Iowa City on Friday (Happy Birthday Melissa!) and Ames on Saturday (and LaPorte City on Sunday for that matter). If you're around and want to hang out let me know.

As for the more details requested about last weekend...

We saw the 11pm show on Saturday at the Second City (nice of you to call to say you were in town Andy =P ) Main Stage ("No Seriously We're All Going to Die") and it was great, since it was Saturday night we got to see some standup after the show, great stuff. They had an gut-busting George W. Bush re-election campaign skit, high-light of the show.

Watching the end of the game while sipping martinis in the bar at Gibson's was a truely Chicago experience. (If you are a martini fan, they are the best I've ever had) Dinner was great, despite what you may think, i don't think that $137 (including pre-dinner martinis, a bottle of wine, and dessert) is out of line at all for the quality and amount of food we received, not to mention the ambiance, and quality of service we received. Scoff all you want but it was a damn fine experience and I would have no qualms about going back, again and again and again.....