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So I went to do my almost weekly windows update session today, and again I sit here and wonder... Why the hell does it take so long for it to install after it downloads. I mean come on, I could pratically install Office in the time it takes to get these little 4MB of updates installed. Geez!!

... It's finally done =) ... I have to reboot =(

Don't sweat the small stuff.

This weekend I'm returning to Iowa (second time since leaving) it's my grandma's birthday on sunday. I'll probably be in Iowa City on Friday (Happy Birthday Melissa!) and Ames on Saturday (and LaPorte City on Sunday for that matter). If you're around and want to hang out let me know.

As for the more details requested about last weekend...

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The Big Blue is falling... The Big Blue is falling...

We had a meeting at work yesterday, and one of the management commented on a statement made by our CIO a couple of weeks earlier. He likened the IBM of today to the GM of 15-20 years ago. Becoming large and sluggish, he predicted that with in 5-10 years they will be so bogged down with debt and size that they will be unable to adapt and compte in the market - specifically consulting and BPO (Business Product Outsourcing).

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