Tough Times at University of Texas and the rest of the world

Nuthin' wrong with a little hemmoriage

All right a plethra of updates...
Contrags to Andy!!
I welcomed a new Best Buy to the neighborhood by picking up a new PC
I'm off to the twin cities for an extended haloween weekend, starting on Friday.

So I know what you're saying, a new computer, what for, you just got a new laptop and you're never home. Well I never was one to resist a good financing deal at good 'ole Best Buy. I figured with my TV paid off, and the 18 months free financing, a new PC and TV tuner card was a better investment than a tivo. I don't have to pay they monthly subscription fee, and I can burn all my shows to DVD =). I know, I know, the VAIO is the Mac of the PC world, but I didn't say there weren't some things I like about the Mac. So that's the short on the long on that.

I'm off to visit my friends Krista and Nic this coming weekend up in the twin cities. Going to a party one night, the comedy club one night, and who knows what else. I get to take a tour of the new "Big G" buildings, so that sould be fun... Other than that I don't know what Krista has planed, maybe something, maybe nothing, either way I'm game, a four day weekend hanging-out with friends not thinking about work, what could be better (if I didn't have to pay for it, but oh well.) I can't wait, good times will be had by all.

This one goes out to my catholic (oops Catholic) buddies ;-)
And on that note - the useless trivia for the day (courtsey of Krista and her Franklin Planner) "Intense fear, dread, or dislike of the Pope or of the Roman Catholic Church is called papaphobia."