I still don't understand
Where the Tall Corn Grows

This is the Remix

All right here's the skinny:
Twin cities awesome
week from hell
weekend from hell
week from hell
week from hell

So I went to the twin cities and had a great time. Friday I got a tour of the new General Mills world headquarters building, pretty sweet! We went downtown and wondered around there. We even took a jaunt over to my companies local offices, I must say the office in Chicago is much cooler. Friday night (Halloween) we went to a comedy club, hilarious, due in no small part to ourselves ("Put Christopher Reeve Back together" - ROTFLOL I almost pissed myself).

Saturday night we went to a Halloween party at one of Krista's co-workers houses, an awesome time, a mini-ISU reunion, a crazy number of alum's up there.

Sunday we hit the mall, and caught an afternoon showing of The Runaway Jury, pretty good flick, but the book was (naturally) much better, it's my favorite of Girsham's books, so there was no way the movie could live up to the book, even with Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, and John Cusack.

Monday we stayed inside because it snowed (ick) and then in the evening saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 - excellent film if you like Tarantino - definatly on of the gorriest movies I've seen, but great none the less, can't wait for vol. 2.

It was a wonderful 4 day escape from work, that is until I came back to work. Since I was gone the Friday before, and Monday the stuff I needed to get done wasn't so I worked all week on that, and then all weekend on that. And then last week we were busy as hell, and again this week. But thank god I have next week off, and this week is the only friday this month that I have to work so that's a plus.

I have high hopes of finishing up project "Third Earth" next week (on a need to know basis), and doing some work on rosswirth.com - so if you're bookmarking this site directly, you should start checking back there occasionally, I've had some interesting plans for it for a while, and hopefully I'll be able to implement them over thanksgiving, and chirstmas/new years breaks.

Happy Turkey Day Gobble Gobble!