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Holiday Travels

So I haven't been posting mucyh of anything lately... Here's a brief overview of my holiday travels, more to come.
Dec 19th - Erie, PA to Chicago (3 hr delay in Pitt) - Fly
Dec 20th - Chicago to Des Moines (1.5 hr delay in Chicago) - Fly
Dec 21st - Ames to Urbana to Minneapolis - Drive
Dec 23rd - Minneapolis to Albany, MN - Drive (Hi Amanda!)
Dec 24th - Albany to Ames - Drive
Dec 26th - Ames to Story City - Drive
Dec 26th - Des Moines to Chicago - Fly
Jan 5th - Chicago to Erie - Fly (Back to work =( )\

Happy Holidays, everyone !
After my New Years guests have left I'll post some more...

Windy Celebration

Ok - so I need to post more often, yea, yea, yea. Anyway before I post anything else....

You should come to the Windy City for New Years. why would you pass up this opportunity. I have limited space at my place so let me know if you are coming (if I run out of space I'm sure we can work someting out). I don't have specific plans, but come on it's Chicago, and it's New Years, I don't htink you need much more of a plan than that. It will be a rockin' good time. Let me know