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Do it for your step-daddy!

"The same thing happened to Joseph Smith; and now the Mormons have a monopoly in the Hotel industry. Who knows in 100 years people could be running around with little bobble-head meter-maids."

"Hmmm. I'm seeing a Jehovah’s witness bruised and bloody lying by a dumpster in the alley."

OMG you guys!!! The second season of "Dead Like Me" starts on Showtime on Sunday July 25th, watch it. If you don't have Showtime it's not too late to get it installed before the 25th, so get on it. This show is hilarious, it's awesome!!!!!Do

The re-entry's a little rough

I did it!! I survived my first trip off the continent. Had a great two weeks in BCN, and an awsome weekend in Roma (watch the side bar for pictures). I highly highly reccoment Rome to anyone who has not been there. In unhappy news, in my experience European airports and airline companies suck. In happy news i get to spend the week in Chicago (the longest amount of time i've spent here since I moved in), because european airlines suck. In happy news i get my new sofa deliverred on Friday. I'll post more details about my trip shortly, I'm off to upload pics now.

And I'm still taking suggestions (and travel buddies for that matter) for my upcomming one week vacation in Europe (Prague and Paris are on the must see list)