It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

State of the Union

Hmm... what's up... Did Halloween in MN again this year... Always a blast.  Finally made it out to NJ/NY to visit Melissa and Sean - good times... I'm going to get those pics up...  Back to Iowa for Thanksgiving with the fam...  Then back to PA for work yesterday... Which brings me to a very sad topic... I almost wept in the plane on Monday as I was catching up on my Business Week...

I was reading the November 22 issue.  There are articles about the president's agenda.  Number one make his tax cuts permanent.  Followed by the article about he pressure he is feeling and going to continue to feel from the (ultra)christian conservative right.  Followed about the article about the supreme court justices.  Followed by the article about the privatization of social security.

We'll start with the first article.  Let's make the tax cuts permanent.  So the top 5% can continue to save $40k in taxes each year (note the average household income is about $40k).  That makes sense.  Especially given the huge budget deficit, which has given us the weakest dollar to Euro EVER, and it keeps falling and falling.

So let's privatize Social Security and add another $2-4billion to the deficit.  I don't see any problem with that (and  by the way let's continue to keep those tax cuts for the top 5%).

Let's model the rest of the supreme court after the super star Scalia, that way we can eliminate the woman's right to choose.  We can ignore how the country and people actually live, and interpret the constitution literally word for word.  If it isn't explicitly stated in the constitution then it can't be constitutional.

Let's let the psychotic christian right rule the country.  take away more and more of people's civil liberties.  Women don't need the right to choose anyway, the government should just go ahead and make that choice for them.  People shouldn't have the right to decide who they want to live with for the rest of their lives, or marry the government should just go ahead and make that choice for them too.

Let's censor Hollywood and the music industries because sex frightens us, that's not a right in the constitution or the bill of rights anywhere, right? Let's let the government make that choice for us too.

Lets let the government decide how much corporations should be punished when they do something wrong.  We don't have  jury of our peers for that sort of thing.

Ooh while we're at it let's ignore the international community and international law and invade a sovereign nation with out any allies or support to speak of... Oh wait, already did that.  Not only that let's lie to the public and the world about the reason we're there.  Let's ignore the real threats to ourselves and freedom in the rest of the world.

I'm scared really really scared.  This is the best country in the world, and currently the most powerful, but so was Spain, Portugal, Rome, the UK, France....