EuroTrip 2005
Watch those Civil Liberties crumble...

Thought you were required...

... to have a gun in that state...

It seems to me like she should be suing the Lone Star State, not the Wal-Mart corporation.

  • The company cannot access confidental pharmacy records.
  • She filled out the required form/application (and lied on it).
  • The company filed the background check.
  • The state of Texas (as well as 37 other states) does not report Mental Health data to the FBI

"Federal law prohibits stores from selling guns to people who, like Stewart, have a history of serious mental illness."  It seems to me like the Texas law is in conflict with the Federal Law.  Methinks all 50 states should be required to provide the inforation necessary for the background checks to be effective.

The mother says, "But Shayla can walk into a store and buy a gun and they could care less. That's got to change."  How ingnorant can she be she filled out the application.  Wal-Mart ran the background check, which turned up nothing.  If the state of Texas was providing the proper information the background check would have turned up her troubled mental health history, and she would have not been able to buy the gun.  The state of Tesas (and the 37 others) need to be required by the FBI to provide the information necessary for background checks for gun buyers to be effective.