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It's not the Concord...

...but then again what is, not even the Concord is the Concord anymore.

In preperation for my "spring break" in March to Roma I'm taking a long weekend to London (next month). I say why not, especially since I found a ticket for less than $350, how insane is that.  Now all I have to do is call and use my frequent flyer clout to get out of steerage (coach) and up to business class, where the booze (not to mention circulation) is more free-flowing.  The room to recline, and your own personal tv doesn't hurt either ;-)

I love the 80's (strikes back)

OK, all you children of the 80's take you quiz.... It was harder than I thought, just reading the lyrics can make it hard to figure out what the song is.  When reading the answers my score should have been at least in the 70's if not the 80's.  But I'll have to settle for 56 (but in the words of the quiz-master)

You grew up to this. No Bonus. No penalty.