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The Best Part of Waking Up...

So I was on my flight from O’Hare to


this morning (which departs at 6AM).  I was dozing as I usually do, when the flight attendant reached across me to place a drink in front of the person sitting next to me, I caught the movement out of the corner of my (mostly closed) eyes.  My first reaction was to twitch or put a hand up to stop the oncoming “threat” but fortunately I realized before I moved what was going on.

And into my mind popped a friend of mine who is shall we say a bit more twitchy than most, easier to surprise/scare.  So in my mind’s eye I see this series of events played out but instead of me it is my friend who is half-asleep and being reached across when she senses the movement, and swats her hand out to fend off the unknown person unwelcomingly entering her personal space, only to be rewarded with a lap full of hot coffee.  I amuse myself, I guess I’m easily entertained.