Yay for Beverages class!
could be worse I guess

Where the tall corn grows

Well it's official, I had a very happy voice mail waiting for me when I returned from Roma.  "Fly to Erie on Monday, and transition, pack your things, and fly home on Tuesday.  And you're done with Erie!!!

So this week I spent trying to figure out where to go next.  Ready.... Irony of Ironies... I'm headed to Des Moines (our one project in the state of Iowa).  I'm off to a national P&C carrier on Monday morning (yay for direct flights, yay for leaving after 8am).  I had to fight with HR to avoid some project in podunk GA, but fortunately that disaster was averted.  So if you're in or around DSM let me know... We'll get together, I'm sure I'll be making a trip or two up to Welch Ave.  And mayhaps (Scott, Adam) I can finally make that trip to KC that I've been threatening...