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Das es Berlin

Well I'm off to Berlin for the weekend. I had a free international ticket that was going to expire, so I figured why not back to the homeland. What am I going to do there you ask? I haven't decided yet, i've got 8 hours to think about and read my Lonely Planet on the plane (which includes how to get from the airport to the Marriott). Between the free ticket and the Marriott points for the hotel, it should be a pretty cheap trip.
So, unrelated updates... I don't think I've posted about my condo. The building I'm living in is being converted to condos. So I'm planning on buying one of the units, not the unit I'm in now (on the 11th) but another one. The view is much better from the 19th floor, you can see much more of the lake since you are above the buildings which block it from the 11th. As part of the incentive to get current residents to buy they are upgrading the kitchens (granite counters, ceramic floors, new cabinets, stainless steel appilances) and bathrooms (new mirrors, cabinets, counters, and ceramic floors) and new carpet, paint, and wood baseboards. I'm pretty pumped, now if I can only get that mortgage finalized. Other updates I'm going to see Melissa and Sean in Hoboken for Memorial Day weekend, Kari's coming too so it should be a good trip. Other than that I don't really have any summer vacations planned, any ideas? I wonder if the parents have rented the condo at the lake, anyone interested in a week at Lake Okoboji in August? Let me know, that could be a lot of fun, especially if we get some one who knows how to drive a boat... I still need to take that weekend trip to Kansas City - you guys out there let me know what works (probably not until July, I have to start packing soon closing is June 29). Well it's about time to board the firsr flight (of 3) I cannot wait to spend 2 hours on a commuter jet going to my favorite airport (DTW).