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You learn something new every day

So every time I travel internationally I have some experience which I base future travel plans on. This trip, I decided that I am not flying internationally in coach again, and that I'm not flying through Memphis (what a pit of an airport). i'll post about Berlin (including pictures) later this week. On a seemingly unrelated note, I now know for a fact that Kid Rock wears "Rainbow" brand flip-flops (or thongs for those of you from the 80's), more on that to come.

Das es Berlin

Well I'm off to Berlin for the weekend. I had a free international ticket that was going to expire, so I figured why not back to the homeland. What am I going to do there you ask? I haven't decided yet, i've got 8 hours to think about and read my Lonely Planet on the plane (which includes how to get from the airport to the Marriott). Between the free ticket and the Marriott points for the hotel, it should be a pretty cheap trip.

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