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...Or are you just glad to see me?

As you might have noticed, when you go to it automically directs you here (, also the webcam image is gone from the left panel.  I switched hosts for my website, and I'm in the process of moving things around and making some changes (specifically to the photo galleries, which is why I haven't posted any Berlin or Falling Water photos).  I was however going through photos today (in search of a new desktop image) and I came across one that I had forgotten about from my weekend in Berlin the other month.  It's priceless, I almost didn't get the shot.  Take a look at what the back of the bus says...


Survey Says

Ok, so I'm looking for a bit of input...

As you know I travel constantly for work, and I have a company issued laptop (Compaq Evo N610c), but it's heavy, and it sucks!!!!!  Chances are I will not be receiving a new one for 2-3 years.

So here's where the question comes in, If I keep saving my Marriott points until around mid-September I'd have enough to get a Sony T series for free.  So the question is should I blow my hard earned Marriott points on this computer?

It would leave me with no Marriott points to use for vacations, etc.  But then again I've only ever used points for one stay, I tend to go with a group of people, and in that circumstance it's usually better to pay for a room and everyone split.

Anywho, please comment...

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