Cold day in hell
It should be legal for two consenting adults to challenge each other to a duel and fight a Death Match.

All Hallows Eve

Apparently I'm the anti-christ.  Happy Halloween (belated).  I spent the weekend visitingCimg1336_6 Melissa and Sean.  Went to a great party in the city on Saturday night, and watched scary movies on Sunday.  A great Halloween.   

I received my check from BestBuy and picked up my 60gb iPod with video.  The screen's pretty sweet (so far as 2.5" goes).  The battery life's been pretty good so far.  As much as it hurts me to say I'm actually enjoying it.

I finally got to meet Melissa's friend Liz, she was promoting the party where we got our groove on.  We had a great brunch on Sunday (unlimited bloody mary, mimosa, or Bellini with food), and then back for a Sunday afternoon nap.

Great sushi for dinner (and how come sushi in Hoboken is so cheap?).  And then we rented a couple of scary movies, unfortunately we only got to watch one of them, The Omen I'd never seen it before, it wasn't really scary, but it was good.  We also rented High Tension which looks scary as hell, but didn't get around to watching it.

Sunday morning I wandered the streets of Hoboken, grabbed lunch and hopped an early flight home.

This week was the Bon Jovi concert in Des Moines.  It rocked, our tickets were horrible, but the concert was awesome just the same.  Even though I don't really know his last two albums I still new more songs than I didn't.  I got to see Hobbles and her boyfriend which was fun.

We ate dinner at Court Avenue Brewery and the pork chop I ordered was completely raw in the center, not just under cooked, but raw.  It was disgusting.  I'm not sure I'm ever going to be eating there again.