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1366 X 768 Native Resolution

I waited and waited, but alas the charms of Best Buy finally proved too tempting (specifically the free financing until 2009).  So I am now the proud (very proud) owner of a Sony Bravia 40" LCD TV/Moniter. Cimg1483_1 It was delivered on Friday, and the cable guy came on Saturday.  Glorious glorious HDTV is now mine on several channels.  It makes a great PC moniter too.  I can sit on the couch and surf the web, it's great!  More TV p0rn in the "My Crib" gallery.  I'm headed to suburbia today (to the great blue mecca) to search for furniture a little better suited for an entertainment center than my coffee table.  I've done some other rearranging I posted a few pictures.

I also picked up an Roomba at Woot.  It was actually quite entertaining to watch him cruise around the apartment cleaning up, and then returning to home to charge.