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iPod != iTunes

So, I'm sure there are a lot of others out there.  You bought an iPod since it's the best portable music player out there.  However you hate iTunes, you hate that you can't drag and drop music on and off.  You hate that you can't get music off.  You hate...

I found an awesome article that remidies these problems:

  • Get music on your iPod (from any computer, or CD)
  • Get music off your iPod (to any computer, or CD)
  • Play music from you iPod (on any computer)

All with out using iTunes or installing any software on any PC (it all runs from your iPod).  Unfortunatly there isn't a way to get video or pictures on/off your iPod w/o iTunes, as of yet.  But none the less I'd consider this a must read for any iPod owner out there...