Better Late than Never (Hopefully)
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My children's childern

I'm not sure anyone really reads this anymore, since I've been so horrific about posting, however.  I figured I'd throw out an advertisement for an upcoming point - counterpoint blog I'm going to be posting with my cousin over on  I hesitate to use the term "right-wing nut-job" especially when talking about family, so lets just suffice it to say that Jake and my political views differ, um, a bit.  This will be the first, in hopefully some sort of a series of our battling view points.  Hopefully people will at least be entertained, if not given pause to think about their political views, and where they're aligned.

Our first topic gas/oil prices, and what the best approach is to fixing the whole mess. I'll admit that this first entry will probably end up being somewhat Republican vs. Democrat babble, but hopefully we'll be able to cut through the party lines somewhat and get at some real new thought, but then again maybe not, that might not be nearly entertaining enough.

So stay tuned.  When it goes up, I'll post the entry here and the link, and welcome your comments/arguments.