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Making Progress

I'll start by saying, yes I know I'm a huge geek.

However, I felt compelled to share that I'm writing this, and the last post from the back of my cab on the way home from ORD.  I'm using my laptop, and phone as a bluetooth modem. Three cheers for EVDO.

Oh, Lincoln and Diversey, time to pack up.  In other news my new toy is waiting at home for me, I was so excited that I caught an early flight.  I'll post photos later tonight.

...And I Feel Fine


Eeh, 35 feet, 200 feet, what's the difference, don't the Blue Angels fly with a wing-to-wing clearance of like 12 inches. Why is everyone so upset?

A jet taking off at O'Hare International Airport missed a taxiing cargo plane by 35 feet in July...

...Initial reports indicated the pilot of the outbound United Airlines flight carrying 120 passengers and five crew members came within 200 to 300 feet of the cargo plane after taking evasive action by lifting off the ground early...

...The pilots of the United plane, accelerating down the runway at 127 m.p.h., took off early with a 25-degree climb instead of the normal 16- to- 18-degree attitude, according to FAA records...,1,409050.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Yup still alive.

Believe it or not I'm still alive.  I figured I should post something, at least get some value out of my $70/year for this space.

  • New theme for the site, what do you think? 
  • Same high level story for me, still with the same client, and spending most of my time in beautiful and scenic DSM, with about a month a week in CMH.  Work has certainly been keeping me busy, I've moved into a different team lead role, of a much larger team, with significantly more moving parts, it's fun, but frustrating at the same time.
  • This cracked me up a while back.
  • Anyone going to be in the Ames area for Thanksgiving?
  • What should I do for New Years?
  • I'm contemplating an around-the-world trip next summer, anyone out there up for meeting up somewhere exotic?
  • I ordered a new toy, and it shipped today, more to come...