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This is huge

Global Address List**: Search for contacts in an Microsoft Exchange Server 
  Address Book, contact them via e-mail, phone calls or text messages, and add 
  contacts to your personal Contacts list.

** Requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2

This means the one feature the BlackBerry has (which I didn’t realize until about 2 months ago), Windows Mobile now has.  Awesome!  I no longer have to copy down every e-mail address I might ever want to use from my mobile device.

Now Sprint & Motorola better get it together and announce support for WM6 on the Q, so I can go purchase one.  I assume they’ll have to since, Moto just announced the GSM Q, and it’s running WM6.

UPDATE: - This functionality is present on the Sprint Q, you can search online for contacts in your Global Address Sever on Exchange!