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If I ever get a real job...

Ginven this is a short work week our project worked from home/local offices. On Monday I decided that Sprint blows, well that's not really fair all of the wireless carriers blow, that I should actually go into the office this week. We won't even talk about the ordeal that was getting an IL Driver's License...

So I've taken the bus from in front of my place to in front of the office. Let m tell ya I don't think I could do it on a regular basis with out kiling several tousand people.

I walked out to the stop to wait with about 15 of my closest randoms. Luckily the bus came in less than 5 minutes, however it was already full and standing room only. It was 715 in the morning and I live in the heart of Lincoln Park, about a 20 minute ride under ideal conditions. I was not pleased. So for the next 45 minutes we proceded to stop at every stop, except 1 (and they're every one to two blocks), at each stop the driver continiously plays the "As a coutsey to boarding passengers please move to the rear,"  Hey Jack-ass we're all already packed in here there's no where to go.  I reached the office just before 8, and started the first day of my Driver's License fiasco, but that's another post.


In an effort to be clever an avoid having to stand on the bus I got up 15 minutes earlier, and was waiting for the bus at 6:45.  I got a seat, barely.  We didn't stop quite as much, and I was at the office around 7.  Then other hellish things begain to happen, but again a story for another time.


I arrived at the bus stop at 6:50, and proceded to wait as 2 buses from the other route that shares that stop came and went, so at about 7:15 my bus finally came, and what do you know there were about 15 of us waiting, and we all go to stand... repeat Tuesday, except that I had been waiting at the stop for 15 before getting on the bus to stand for the trip.  I didn't keep track I think there were maybe 3 stops we didn't stop at today, and I got to the office around 7:50, and was greated by a huge line at Starbucks, fortunatly they were better adept at taking care of that than the bus system was, and I was at my desk prior to 8.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings!  Can't wait to get back to a "normal" commute and get on that plane Monday morning!