How cool is this. The only drawbacks are only 800x480 resolution (but I guess it't only a 5" screen) and I think it should run XP tablet edition, but maybe that's version 1.1 or 2.0. What a cool toy, who needs a PDA, there is a sacrifice in speed of course, but wow, neat-o!!

So I went to do my almost weekly windows update session today, and again I sit here and wonder... Why the hell does it take so long for it to install after it downloads. I mean come on, I could pratically install Office in the time it takes to get these little 4MB of updates installed. Geez!!

... It's finally done =) ... I have to reboot =(

The Big Blue is falling... The Big Blue is falling...

We had a meeting at work yesterday, and one of the management commented on a statement made by our CIO a couple of weeks earlier. He likened the IBM of today to the GM of 15-20 years ago. Becoming large and sluggish, he predicted that with in 5-10 years they will be so bogged down with debt and size that they will be unable to adapt and compte in the market - specifically consulting and BPO (Business Product Outsourcing).

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